University Discussion: Racial Justice, the Chauvin Trial and Beyond

April 23, 2021

As the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd ends, we cannot ignore the impact this has on our Black students, staff, and faculty. The murders of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo just last week by law enforcement further accentuates the trauma for many in our SSU community.

Please join us for a virtual discussion to share, process, and collectively support one another as we unpack the verdict and contextualize its impact on us all. 


Panelist include: 

  • Olivia Chilton, President, Black Student Union
  • Melissa Kadar, President, Associated Students 
  • Loren Smith, Vice President, Black Student Union
  • Noelia Brambila, Executive Vice President, Associated Students
  • Joseph Lofton, Associated Students Senator, Education 
  • Christina Gomez, Chair, Associated Students
  • Nataly Hernandez, Senator for Diversity, Associated Students 
  • M. Rako Fabionar, Director of the HUB Cultural Center will serve as moderator for the discussion on April 20
  • Tramaine Austin-Dillon, Programs and Policy Specialist, Office of the President will serve as moderator for the discussion on April 22

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Panelists include:

  • Joyce Lopes, Vice President for Administration and Finance 
  • Wm. Gregory Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Tyson Hill, Senior Director for Risk Management and Safety Services
  • Sharon Fuller, Faculty Fellow, Anti-Racist Curricular Design - April 21 discussion 
  • Kim Hester-Williams, Professor, Literature and Chair of American Multicultural Studies 
  • Jeff Banks, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, will serve as moderator for both discussions

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