Trans Week of Visibility: Transphobia Workshop

April 7, 2021

Where does transphobia originate from? How is it perpetuated by the media and political groups? How does its focus on trans women in the media tie into the patriarchy? How is transphobia especially harmful to those with intersecting marginalization? Why is intersectional feminism important? Why are microaggressions harmful? How can we be better allies to the transgender community? Join us as we create space to explore the complex issue of transphobia. This workshop is geared toward allies interested in learning about the impacts of transphobia. Trans individuals are welcome, although some topics may be triggering for trans community members. 

Facilitators: Orlando O'Shea (SSU student and community organizer) and Mel Browning (SSU CAPS therapist), and Ariel Erskine (community member)

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