Internship Opportunity

December 2, 2020

Are you interested in interning with The HUB in Spring 2021? We're looking for 3-5 interns to support our programs and marketing. 

The HUB’s CORE Leadership Program is a unique internship for SSU students who want to be a part of a diverse cohort that supports the overall endeavors and offerings of the HUB Cultural Center. Through the CORE Leadership Program all cohort interns will have opportunities to:

  • Practice somatic (body-oriented), social, and emotional learning, with an orientation toward cultivating awareness and connection as well as individual/collective well-being;

  • Consider how different life conditions and systems influence the emergence and interactions of people from diverse cultural worldviews, communities and identities;

  • Apply the above-mentioned ideas and skills, among others, to the HUB’s communication, programmatic, and community-building efforts.  

CORE cohort interns exercise and develop transferable leadership skills that will support their personal, academic, and professional lives. While the program is a cohort and collective learning journey, there are two distinct roles students can apply for within the CORE Leadership Program: communications interns and program interns. 

Please email with your resume and why you'd like to intern with us no later than Friday, December 11th.