Creating Flyers for Everyone!

Disabilities Awareness Activities
April 20, 2021
How to Create Accessible Designs

Tuesday, April 20th at 11:00 a.m. (ID 89017979514)
Presented by Stephanie Graham, Accessibility Specialist

So you have an awesome flyer ready to share with the world....are you casting your net wide enough?  Did you know that approximately 8% of the student population at SSU alone has some form of a disability?  Do you want to make your flyers accessible to everyone?  Join Stephanie as she teaches you basic design concepts with accessibility in mind, utilizing both Canva and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, while creating an eye-catching, fun flyer!

Otter live notes (live transcription) will be provided. If additional accommodations are needed for this event, please contact the DSS office by calling 707-664-2677, Dial 711 for Relay, or you may email sends e-mail).