Affinity Faculty and Staff Associations

Sonoma State University Affinity Faculty and Staff Associations support our commitment to a diverse and inclusive work environment. Through workshops, trainings, and community building activities, these groups promote professional and social development that foster a more welcoming campus climate.

Alianza for Equity 

The mission of Alianza for Equity is to offer a visible presence and united voice for Latino/a/x faculty, staff, students, and their allies, to critically examine and proactively address pressing equity issues facing our campus and surrounding community. We advocate for policies and practices that promote the recruitment, success, retention and graduation of Latino/a/x students at Sonoma State. We engage in leadership and action on issues that promote educational and social justice. Finding strength in solidarity and partnership, we embrace diversity and seek institutional transformation that will strengthen SSU as a Hispanic Serving Institution.

Asian Pacific Islander American Faculty & Staff Association 

The mission of the Asian Pacific Islander American Faculty and Staff Association (APIAFSA) is to promote the interests of the Asian Pacific Islander American community, provide a sense of belonging and support to faculty, staff, and administrators, to foster cultural awareness, to support education within the community, and provide support to students.

Black Faculty & Staff Association

The mission of the Black Faculty & Staff Association (BFSA) is to place faculty, staff, and students at the center of the educational and professional experience. The BFSA of Sonoma State University supports the recruitment and retention of Black students, faculty, and staff as well as the matriculations and graduation of Black students while encouraging cultural education, learning, and leadership experiences through community engagement.

Jewish Faculty, Staff, and Friends

Jewish Faculty, Staff, and Friends (JFSF) is an affinity group whose mission is to support Sonoma State faculty and staff who hold affiliation with Jewish culture, personhood, religion, and heritage to establish a sense of inclusion, community, and belonging. As a part of our mission, we aspire to the following shared goals:

  • To cultivate a sense of shared presence and identity.
  • To promote and expand Jewish education, learning, and connection.
  • To serve as an ear and a voice for others with regard to antisemitism.
  • To discuss ongoing issues and challenges within our community.
  • To share education about the Jewish experience, historically and throughout the diaspora.
  • To celebrate an awareness of Jewish holidays, traditions, and cultures.
  • To advocate for Jewish interests throughout Sonoma State"
  • Alexis Boutin | Faculty Co-Chair | Professor, Department of Anthropology |
  • Missy Garvin | Faculty Co-Chair | Professor, Psychology |

Queer Faculty & Staff Association 

The purpose of the Queer Faculty & Staff Association or "QFaSA" was founded in the fall of 2018. QFaSA was created with the intention to develop a system of advocacy for employees who are gender and/or sexually diverse. QFaSA works to provide activities on the SSU campus that promote our values of community, education, and advocacy.