2022 Women's HERstory Month

Women’s History Month began as a local celebration in Santa Rosa, California. The Education Task Force of the Sonoma County (California) Commission on the Status of Women planned and executed a “Women’s History Week” celebration in 1978. The organizers selected the week of March 8 to correspond with International Women’s Day. The movement spread across the country as other communities initiated their own Women’s History Week celebrations the following year.

In 1980, a consortium of women’s groups and historians—led by the National Women’s History Project (now the National Women's History Alliance)—successfully lobbied for national recognition. In February 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation declaring the Week of March 8th 1980 as National Women’s History Week.

This page highlights the events being hosted and presented for this year's Women's History Month at Sonoma State University. This year's theme is centered on Self-Care, Finding Your Community, and Women in Action. We hope you will join us as we celebrate those who came before us, those that are here and in action now and with the hope that we can inspire a new generation!

Jimmy Carter's Message - National Women's History Week 

"From the first settlers who came to our shores, from the first American Indian families who befriended them, men and women have worked together to build this nation. Too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well."  - President Jimmy Carter

Priya Kandaswamy, "Toward a Queer Politics of the Welfare State"

Monday, February 28th | 11:00am - 12:00pm | Salazar 2016 

What does it mean to think about the welfare state from a queer perspective and what is the relationship between queer politics and struggles for economic justice?  Dr. Kandaswamy, drawing on her research on the ways that sexual regulations and forced labor have been central to the welfare state’s treatment of Black women, will explore how engaging with welfare history potentially expands the terrain of queer studies and vice versa. She is a scholar and educator who works at the intersections of Ethnic Studies, Feminist Studies, and Queer Studies.  She is the author of Domestic Contradictions: Race and Gendered Citizenship from Reconstruction to Welfare Reform (Duke University Press, 2021), and her scholarship has appeared in American Quarterly, Sexualities, Radical Teacher, and numerous other journals and anthologies. Dr. Kandaswamy is currently the Academic Program Director at Mt. Tamalpais College, a community college program that serves incarcerated students at San Quentin prison.

ASP Presents: A Rose For You 

Tuesday, March 1st | 12:00pm - 3:00pm | Seawolf Plaza

In honor of Womxn’s History Month ASP will be hosting “A Rose for You” where you will be able to write what you appreciate the most about womxn and receive a rose with an affirmation. For any questions or accommodations, contact Aspevent2@sonoma.edu.

SPOKE! Featuring Porsche Veu AKA The Poetic Activist 

Tuesday, March 1st | 5:00pm - 6:30pm |The HUB Cultural Center 

SPOKE! is a monthly series showcasing nationally recognized performance poets and musicians, and a space for students to share poetry and spoken word. This month we will be honoring Women’s History Month through the poetry and spoken word of Porsche Veu. For more information, contact stewartla@sonoma.edu

Yoga with Doshia

Wednesday, March 2nd | 9:00am - 10:00am | Campus Recreation Center

Looking for a way to start your morning off with peace and relaxation? Head over to Campus Recreation for In Motion Yoga with instructor Doshia from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M.! For more information, visit the InMotion class schedule website.

Women of Color Collective (WOCC)

Wednesday, March 2nd | 12:00pm - 1:00pm | The HUB Cultural Center

The Women of Color Collective (WOCC) is a weekly community building and discussion space co-facilitated by WOC faculty from CAPS and staff from the HUB. Share and be inspired by our collective stories as WOC SSU students. Connect, support, empower and share resources and kinship as we navigate the joys and challenges of our beautiful, intersectional experiences. This group is for all Cis and Trans women, as well as non-binary SSU students who are comfortable in a space that centers on the experiences of women. We invite you to join us for lunchtime discussions every Wednesday from 12-1 in The HUB Cultural Center. You are always welcome here. Please email Isa Avilar-Saiter, avilai@sonoma.edu or Shelly, gomezs@sonoma.edu, for more information. You can visit the HUB Cultural Center website to learn about future WOCC meetings. 

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) Club Meeting

Friday, March 4th | 1:00pm - 2:00pm | Join the Livestream 

Join the Women in Computer Science (WiCS) club for our meeting this Friday at 1 P.M.! Throughout the semester, we will share personal projects, learn from professionals, learn about job hunting tips, and more! The club is dedicated to empowering all in computer science, so the club is not restricted to only women. You can learn more about the WiCS club here!

Sonoma Film Institute presents: HIVE

Friday, March 4th | 7pm | Ives 101 (Warren Auditorium) | Free admission for Students with SSU I.D.

Winner of the Audience Award, Directing Award, and World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

Fahrije has battled grief and financial struggle since her husband went missing during the war in Kosovo. To provide for her family, she launches a business selling hot pepper preserves, a controversial act of independence that scandalizes her patriarchal village. Amid doubts of her husband’s return, she struggles not only to keep her family afloat but against a hostile community who seeks to violently undermine the independence and sisterhood she is determined to gain. Directed by Blerta Basholli. (2021, 84 min., in Albanian w/English subtitles) 

To learn more about this film and other spring semester film features visit the Sonoma Film Institute website. 

Do It Yourself (DIY) Craft of the Week: Inspirational Messaging Rock Painting

Saturday, March 5th | 1:00pm - 2:00pm | Student Center - Weyden and Brewster (WB)

It’s Saturday night and that means that we are crafting at the WB! Every Saturday @7pm, join your fellow Seawolves for a new DIY Craft. We supply the materials, you come with your friends and energy to create! From decorating your own mason jar, bottle cap letter art, and fun with tie dye, to pencil case decorating, pillow decorating, glow in the dark painting, egg decorating and more! Get out of the dorm and let your creativity run wild!

Film Screening: With Drawn Arms

Monday March 7th | 7:00pm | Student Center Ballroom B | View the Movie Trailer 

At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, in one of the most controversial moments in American sports history, gold medal winner Tommie Smith raised his black-gloved fist in the air in quiet defiance as "The Star-Spangled Banner" roared through the stadium and into millions of television sets across America. With Drawn Arms journeys deep into the catastrophic toll that it took on Tommie's life by uncovering the public vilification, death threats and professional boycott he endured following his Olympic career. With intimate access to Tommie himself and important figures in the activist movement, including the late great John Lewis, this seminal piece of athletic, political and racial documentary showcases a reconciliation of the Black athlete's place in the national conversation and serves as a timely inspiration for contemporary athletes taking a knee today. For more information on this event, contact Mo.phillips@sonoma.edu

Join us in the follow-up discussions with:

  • Dr Akilah Carter-Francique, Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Sport, Society, and Social Change at San Jose State University - Monday, March 14th, @7pm
  • ​Tommie Smith, American former track and field athlete and former wide receiver in the American Football League. At the 1968 Summer Olympics, the first time the 20-second barrier was broken officially.  - Tuesday, April 5th  @7pm; Student Center Ballroom B

Purified in the Flame with Author Elizabeth Quiroz

Monday, March 7th | 4:00pm | Student Center Ballroom B

While Elizabeth Quiroz’s story starts out with trauma and abuse, she was able to forge her own path to freedom. Elizabeth is an author and Co-Founder of Redemption House of The Bay Area, a non-profit that is working towards establishing a safe house for human trafficking victims here in Sonoma County. She is also a victim’s Advocate/Drug and Alcohol Counselor, graduate student, overcomer of addiction, human trafficking survivor, former foster youth, and a formerly incarcerated person. Elizabeth is currently attending Arizona State University online to obtain her master's degree in Social Justice and Human Rights. If Elizabeth can turn her pain into empowerment to inspire others, then there is hope for those who are still stuck in the grips of human trafficking. Here is a quote she lives by daily: ‘We can move on with our lives and never speak of what God has brought us out of, or we can go back into the burning building and save as many souls as we can and bring them to freedom with us. This is the path I choose today.’” Elizabeth has become an inspiration to everyone around her.  For more information, contact mo.phillips@sonoma.edu

Umoja Queens

Tuesday, March 8th | 6:00pm - 8:00pm | The HUB Cultural Center 

Umoja Queens is SSU's mentorship group for students that identify as Black womxn within the Pan African Diaspora, to connect with staff/faculty that also identify as Black womxn. Since its inception in 2018, Umoja Queens has collaborated with the HUB to become an official SSU program in The HUB Cultural Center.  For more information please email Jennifer Edens, edens@sonoma.edu and/or Erika Black, blacker@sonoma.edu

Sonoma Film Institute presents: One Day Pina Asked...

Friday, March 11th | 7:00pm | Ives Hall (Warren Auditorium) | Free admission for Students with SSU I.D.

Sunday, March 13th | 4:00pm | Ives Hall (Warren Auditorium) | Free admission for Students with SSU I.D.

"Starting from the modest premise of documenting several months of Pina Bausch’s performances and rehearsals in the summer of 1983, the director Chantal Akerman realized one of the greatest of all syntheses of dance and cinema. She films the performers with a poised camera; her incisive angles and smooth pan shots emphasize the dances’ visual counterpoint and overlapping rhythms. In Bausch’s stagings, as in Akerman’s dramas, ordinary gestures are emphasized and formalized into dances, and Akerman films Bausch’s dancers as she films the actors in such movies as “Jeanne Dielman” and “Toute une Nuit.” Observing the dancers behind the scenes and in their dressing rooms as they dress, smoke, apply makeup, and sing, Akerman sees their preparations and meditations as continuous with their public performances; her interviews with members of the company are echoed in their dancing. If Bausch’s choreography no longer existed, Akerman’s films could be excerpted to convey something of its essence—and Bausch herself, serenely avowing her poetic aspirations, becomes one of Akerman’s characters.” Richard Brody, The New Yorker (in French w/English subtitles)

To learn more about this film and other spring semester film features visit the Sonoma Film Institute website.

Scene It Movie Night: On the Basis of Sex 

Tuesday, March 12th | 9:00pm | Student Center Ballroom B

The true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights, and the early cases of a historic career that lead to her nomination and confirmation as U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice.

Akilah R. Carter-Francique, Ph.D., Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Sport, Society, and Social Change at San Jose State University

Monday, March 14th | 7:00pm | Dr. Akilah R. Carter-Francique | Join the Zoom 

Join us as we have an intellectual but engaging conversation based on the social stances taken by many athletes during the 1968 Summer Olympics. We will be referencing events from the film “With Drawn Arms” and examining many of the gaps that should have included Black females’ contribution to this time period. This conversation will be co-facilitated by Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique (Executive Director - Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change) and Erika Black (Transfer Advisor in The Advising and Transfer Center).

EveryBODY: A Body Positivity Event 

Tuesday, March 15th | 11:30am - 1:00pm | Seawolf Plaza 

Please join us in Seawolf Plaza for a body positive event that aims to bring together the SSU community with fun, passive and active ways to raise awareness about different bodies, self-care, self-confidence and promoting healthy lifestyles for college students. For more info, contact phillipm@sonoma.edu

Salary Negotiation Workshop 

Wednesday, March 16th | 4:00pm - 6:00pm | Student Center Ballroom D | Join the Zoom

  • Facilitated by Dr. Audra Grady Verrier, Director, Career and Leadership Development (event contact)
  • Hosted by Career Center and Alumni Engagement
  • Resources provided by the American Association of University Women
  • Any campus community member or alum is welcome, register here

Women in the workforce still experience a gender pay gap and have 32% of the wealth that men have accumulated. They hold more than ⅔ of the student debt in the United States and only have 70 % of the retirement income that men hold. Learn how to research your target salary, highlight your accomplishments and find the right words — and the confidence — to negotiate for better benefits and pay. Negotiating your salary can lead to over $1M in additional pay over your lifetime. Aren’t you worth it?

The Work Smart SSU workshop is LIVE via Zoom, or you can use the online e-learning tool, which takes less than two hours to complete and can be done at your own pace — both are free! 

Womxn on the Wall

Wednesday, March 16th | 7:00pm - 9:00pm | Campus Recreation Center

Join us at the climbing wall to celebrate women and fem of center peoples in the sport. Whether you are brand new to climbing or a seasoned professional, join us for an evening of activities, community, and climbing. Clinic cost is free, visit the Campus Recreation front desk to sign up.

ASP Presents: Sasheer Zamata Comedy Show 

Wednesday, March 16th | 7:00pm - 9:00pm | Student Center Ballroom D

ASP is bringing Sasheer Zamata to SSU to perform her stand-up comedy show. Sasheer has been featured on SNL & The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! After her comedy show, she will have a 15-minute Q&A & 5 lucky students will get to meet her. SSU ID and Green wellness clearance will be required for admittance. For any questions or accommodations, contact  aspevent3@sonoma.edu

HERSTORY - Lesbian Culture and Womxn's Music

Thursday, March 17th | 12:00pm | Join the Livestream

Come take a tour through a Herstory of women’s and lesbian music and culture. This engaging presentation, by Dr. Sandy Ayala will visit identity, bookstores, bars, musicians, festivals, travel, authors, publications and more. There will be pictures and videos not to be missed. Come visit a familiar landscape or learn about something completely new. For more information about this, or any other event in Women’s History Month, contact mo.phillips@sonoma.edu

Life After with Tykera Carter 

Thursday, March 17th | 7:00pm | Join the Zoom

As we continue with SSU’s Women’s History Month, join us as we have an intellectual but engaging conversation around the topic of “life after” with former Division I basketball player Tykera Carter. Tykera has a great personal/career journey from her time at Sacred Heart University to her current role as a social media coordinator at Overtime and sports broadcaster for various collegiate and professional sports games. This conversation will be co-facilitated by Tykera Carter and Camille Johnson (Women’s Basketball - Sonoma State University).

Sonoma Film Institute Presents: Dance, Girl, Dance 

Friday, March 18th | 7:00pm | Ives Hall (Warren Auditorium) | Free admission for Students with SSU I.D.

Sunday, March 20th | 4:00pm | Ives Hall (Warren Auditorium) | Free admission for Students with SSU I.D.

“The most prominent female director in classic Hollywood, Dorothy Arzner, made this musical drama about the depredations of the male gaze, decades before the term was coined (by Laura Mulvey). It stars Maureen O’Hara as a serious but poor ballet student named Judy, who, to make a living, joins a bump-and-grind burlesque show. The troupe’s brassy longtime hoofer, Bubbles (Lucille Ball), steals a job from Judy and plays a cruel trick to make her the butt of the slobbering male audience’s ridicule. The drama involves the sexual freedom flaunted by Bubbles and the sexual harassment endured by Judy. Arzner also looks candidly at the indignities endured by women during their burlesque performances—and turns a remarkably frank and disgusted spotlight onto the male spectators who ravenously stare at female flesh to feed their fantasies. The film also features plenty of dance itself—centered on the discipline and exaltation of ballet and the ennobling delights of inspired choreography—which Arzner films, lovingly and probingly, with a connoisseur’s eye.” - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

To learn more about this film and other spring semester film features visit the Sonoma Film Institute website.

Honoring Local Latina Leaders

Tuesday, March 29th | 5:00 - 6:30pm | The HUB Cultural Center

Join us in The HUB Cultural center as we honor local Latina leaders who are making an impact in our community. Facilitated by Shelly Gomez, Senior HUB Program Executive. For more information, please email Shelly at gomezs@sonoma.edu.

Panelist include: 

I Don't Want to Be the Only One: Women Faculty on Being the Change They Want to See

Wednesday, March 30th | 11:00am | Student Center - Alexander Valley Room 

Even with SSU’s concerted Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, BIPoC women are underrepresented on the faculty. For instance, Inside Higher Education reports that in 2018-19 only two tenured female professors on our campus (out of 170) were Black. Many BIPoC women on the faculty are trying to be the change they want to see and hope that their visibility allows BIPoC students to imagine themselves as faculty, researchers, and leaders.

Please join us for a facilitated conversation with BIPoC women on our faculty as they share stories about navigating, surviving (or thriving), and holding the door open for other BIPoC women to enter the academe. For more information, contact Dr. Lauren S. Morimoto, morimoto@sonoma.edu

Panelists: Dr. Lynne Morrow, Music; Dr. Ayumi Nagase, Education;  Dr. Viki Montero-Heckman, Education

Sonoma Film Institute Presents: Hyena

Friday, April 1st | 7:00pm | Ives Hall (Warren Auditorium) | Free admission for Students with SSU I.D.

Sunday, April 3rd | 4:00pm | Ives Hall (Warren Auditorium) | Free admission for Students with SSU I.D.

HYENA, a dramatic film that features a one-woman performance by Mollena Williams-Haas, is a bold and courageous journey of words into the mind of an alcohol addicted woman who must fight her worst demon - the titular "hyena". It is a lavish and gorgeous treatment of light, color, words and performance. Malinalli Lopez, along with director Jack Perez, launched XQL Media in 2015 - named after Xochitquetzal, Aztec Goddess of the Art – tell important stories of social justice.

Malinalli Lopez, Adjunct Faculty in Chicano Studies at Sonoma State University and Producer of HYENA, will be present to introduce the film and answer questions after the Friday screening.

To learn more about this film and other spring semester film features visit the Sonoma Film Institute website.