Campus Climate at SSU

What is Campus Climate?

Campus Climate is a term that refers to many of the invisible but nonetheless powerful aspects of the campus environment – things like how welcoming the campus is to people from different backgrounds and identities; how good the morale is among staff to work productively and happily; and how much institutional support faculty receive for teaching, scholarship, and service. Although different scholars and universities define the term with somewhat different vocabulary, the concepts of access, safety and inclusivity, mutual respect, spirit and positive morale, and quality of the learning environment are standard.

At SSU we strive for an inclusive, welcoming campus environment where all campus members feel inspired and supported to thrive, can speak freely and feel heard, and view differences among individuals as a collective strength.

Campus Climate Survey Subcommittee

In Fall 2020, the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) on Diversity, Equity, Campus Climate, and Inclusion undertook plans to launch SSU’s first ever campus-wide Campus Climate survey. A subcommittee made up of students, staff, faculty, and administrators identified the nationally renowned Viewfinder Campus Climate Surveys to conduct the survey for the entire SSU community beginning April 2 - April 30, 2021.

Colleges and universities often conduct Campus Climate surveys as a way to understand in depth how people feel about being part of the community; how happy they are; how well-supported they feel in their studies and work; and where things need to be strengthened or improved. SSU is undertaking this survey to confirm and celebrate our areas of strength and identify for intervention existing challenges and unmet needs.

Subcommittee Members

  • Jeff Banks, Senior Associate Vice President for University Personnel (Co-Chair)
  • Daniel Malpica, Professor, Chicano and Latino Studies, McNair Scholars Program Director (Co-Chair)
  • Tramaine Austin-Dillon, Office of the President (Staff to the Committee) 
  • Leonel Alejandre Navarro, Associated Students (AS) Representative 
  • Morgan Beatty, Associated Students (AS) Representative 
  • Heather Brown, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Letha Ch'ien, Assistant Professor, Art History 
  • Ryan Jasen Henne, Dean of Students
  • Laura Monje-Paulson, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Katie Musick, Administrative Analyst/Specialist
  • Tiffany O'Neal, Senior Director, Alumni Engagement and Giving 
  • Deborah Roberts, Professor, Nursing 

Campus Communications 

Questions or concerns about the survey may be directed to Tramaine Austin-Dillon at