About the Survey

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In 2021, Sonoma State University contracted with Campus Climate Surveys, LLC (CCS) to administer their Viewfinder Campus Climate Surveys. In 2023, the campus climate survey was managed and administered by the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  With the permission of CCS, we incorporated many of the questions from Viewfinder's 2021 survey. We eagerly anticipate our next campus-wide climate survey in 2025, which will be administered using Viewfinder Campus Climate Surveys, ensuring continuity in our longitudinal data tracking.

Survey Content:

The 2023 Belonging and Inclusion: Campus Climate Survey will be administered to the Sonoma State University (SSU) campus on April 10 - April 28, 2023. The survey will focus on your experiences at SSU and your views about diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community.

The survey asks questions about your race/ethnicity and other identities, experiences of inclusion in your work environment or academic program, and questions about potentially harassing or discriminatory behavior you may have experienced at SSU. 

To ensure the campus community is operating from the same understanding of terms a Definition of Terms list was created. Please utilize the list for reference as needed. The survey is also available in Spanish which you can select form a dropdown bar at the top of the survey page. The survey will take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.


To promote and encourage participation in the survey, SSU will select random winners from completed surveys for the chance to win $75 in Wolfbucks. (Disclaimer: if a student's financial aid award is already at their cost of attendance, the value of the Wolfbucks may require an adjustment to the student's financial aid package, therefore an equivalent incentive may be applicable). Winners will be selected throughout the survey period: April 10 - April 21, 2023. Limit one Wolfbucks card per person. In order to have a chance to win, login with your SSU credentials and complete the form. 


Your responses are strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone in any way that might identify you. Data collected will be anonymized, and we will not report on very small groups of participants. No personal identifying information will be collected and no identifying information from responses will be shared.

Content Warning:

This survey asks questions about harassing behaviors. The nature of some of these questions could be triggering for some, so feel free to stop taking the survey at any point. 

Reporting Prohibited Conduct: 

Please note that due to the anonymous nature of the survey, the university will not be able to take any action or follow-up based on information disclosed. If you wish to report an incident to the university you can do so by contacting the Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination (OPHD) at ophd@sonoma.edu.

Support Resources:

If after completing the survey, you want someone to talk with, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 707-664-2153 to schedule an appointment or contact the Confidential Advocate at susan.pulido@sonoma.edu


If you need more information or have questions regarding this survey, contact Tramaine Austin-Dillon at diversity@sonoma.edu. If you need any accommodations to participate in the survey, contact the Disability Services for Students (DSS) office at disability.services@sonoma.edu.